Tuesday, June 2, 2015


It was like the doors opened and the angels sang...Even the right light beaming down in the aisle.
You get the visual right? 

There I was at my weekly visit to one of the three local craft stores, just minding my own business. I suddenly found myself walking down an aisle I Don't usually walk down. Why am I going this way, I thought?  Somethings are just meant to happen and Not by Accident!  

All of a sudden, I heard these beauties whispering over my shoulder "Hey you, look at us, look at us, you need to buy us!"   When something speaks to my crafting soul, hey I listen!  There it was, a whole bag of these magical & shiny gem "poppers" begging to take up residence in my craft room.....I had no idea what would become of these lovelies, all I knew is that I HAD to Buy Them and Create some kind of "Treasure" with them!  
Sometimes inspiration strikes me when I'm least expecting it, and I love it when that happens!!

And that Folks, that is how the C~Breeze "Treasure Poppers" were born......perfect for summer!! 
Inspiring & Beautiful~   C~Breeze "Treasure Poppers" ~~~~ Add a "Pop" of Color to any outfit! 

For more information, or if you would like to Purchase a "Popper," please visit my Website at: 
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