Friday, May 29, 2015

The BOHO Tassel Necklace ~ A Handcrafted Treasure Becomes An Inspiration...

Welcome to C~Breeze Treasures Chest!  Thank You for Breezing~In!  

 This is my first Blog, so here it goes...

This is How this New Special "Treasure" came to be.

"I can't make tassels."  I said to her.  
 She responds, "You need to makes some tassels!  You can do it ~ you can make anything!" 
So as I pick out the perfect beads for this tassel necklace I think about our 20+ 
years of friendship and support of each other.  What would we be without our besties? 
Then the challenge - the tassel....(Big sigh) as IF I'm about to take on a Huge, My Life Depends on It Test.  It's a Tassel, only a Tassel....You can do this....I tackle the Tassel. Now, I am my own worst critic. I'll be the first to admit it!  So, when I'm done I text her a picture of my finished piece. 
"I LOVE IT!!  It's so boho chic! I just squealed out loud" She responds.... "I may need one, or two, or three".... 

Encouragement and friendship~  The BOHO Tassel necklace........

There it is!  I have to say, the more I look at it, the more I think....yea, I totally can make Tassels!   I think a New C~Breeze Treasure" jewelry line has evolved...stay tuned and always remember...
Enjoy the C~Breeze! 

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